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Subject Verb Agreement

A. Multiple Choice
1.       Vajry and I ___ baking sponge cakes at this time yesterday.
a.       Was
b.      Were
c.       Have
d.      Has
2.       Whether to buy or rent a cas ___ an important financial question.
a.       Is
b.      Are
c.       Am
d.      Has
3.       Physics ___ been my favorite subject since I was 14 years old.
a.       Has
b.      Is
c.       Was
d.      Were
4.       ___ Wawan or his co-workers sleep at work?
a.       Were
b.      Do
c.       Was
d.      Does
5.       My shears ___ sharp enough.
a.       Doesn’t
b.      Isn’t
c.       Aren’t
d.      Didn’t
6.       Eighty percentage if his furniture __ old.
a.       Is
b.      Are
c.       Do
d.      Does
7.       Mumps usually ___ through saliva.
a.       Spread
b.      Spreads
c.       Spreaded
d.      Is
8.       The central office manager, along with his two assistant, ___ left the room.
a.       Have
b.      Is
c.       Has
d.      Was
9.       One of her cats ___ like tuna.
a.       Don’t
b.      Didn’t
c.       Wasn’t
d.      Doesn’t
10.   There ___ many ways to say “thank you”.
a.       Is
b.      Are
c.       Was

d.      Were

B. Error Analysis
Each of the following sentences contains an error ( Subject-verb Agreement ) which has been bold.

1.       Every pale tomato slice, wilted pickle, and brown lettuce leaf cost (costs) an extra 25 cents at Bernie's Burger Emporium
2.       Not only the Smiths but also Tonya have (has) agreed to try one of the world-famous chocolate-broccoli muffins.
3.       The Smiths, along with Tonya, hopes (hope) to avoid indigestion after eating these weird muffins.
4.       On the sidewalk was (are) many little lizards sunning themselves on the hot concrete.
5.       Even though Antonio has many friends who love their Chevrolets and Buicks, he has always believed that General Motors made (makes) lemons.
6.       My dog Floyd, together with Buster the cat, liked (like) to play with money; the cat swats crumpled bills onto the floor where the dog shreds them to pieces.
7.       Grandpa claims that Martian measles cause (causes) green and purple spots to erupt all over a person's body.
8.       Even though the jury wanted (wants) to believe that the defendant did not feed Elvis to the Loch Ness Monster, much of the evidence points to the her guilt
9.       Neither the students nor their instructor are (is)happy with the long cafeteria line for squid eyeball stew.
10.   Each of these women wish (wishes) that she had read the care instructions before washing the delicate and expensive dresses.
11.   Mr. Lowry, our English teacher, believes that students who major in economics or physics has ruined (ruin) their imaginations.
12.   Do (Does) no one except Marge and Beatrice have the subject-verb agreement exercises that Ms. Koopman assigned for today?
13.   Here stands (stand) Tonya and Robert, the two students who scored 100 percent on the subject-verb agreement quiz.
14.   There were (are) more calories in a bowl of chocolate-broccoli breakfast cereal than you might think.
15.   Susan is one of those students who kissed (kiss) up to the instructor every chance that they get.

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